My final Blog

14 Dec

Well here we are everyone. The time has family come to an end to writing blogs.

My thougths of social media have changes since I started this course with my teacher Sarah. I didnt really pay much attention to what was out there, until I looked more at what I was putting out the and what people write on my facebook wall. My thougths have changed i am more aware of what i put on the internet.

My ideas and opinions have changed since the beginning of this semester. Taking Sarah’s class has helped me see that there is more out there then just facebook and twitter. Having the knowledge that I learned about Social Media this year can help in the future. I didnt know how much of an impact social media can have on someone. i.e. writing something about your boss who you have befriended on facebook , you may asking to get fired. It is a good habbit to know what all is out there. My brain has been challenged for social media.

What stood out to me the most during this course was all the social media tools that I didnt know about. i.e. Printest, chrome, all of the tools I was introduced to, will help me learn more about what is out there for Social media. I didn’t know all of these’s tools or what they could provided or do for a business. Now knowing all of theses tools I can use them to better apply myself. I never thought that they were so many of them out there.

The knowlege I will do is apply it to my career. Knowing about all of this tools will help make me more forward by knowing about all of theses tools. Moving forward is always a good thing to do in life. Taking what you have learned about using it to the best of your ability will make you a better person for a job.

I did enjoy learning about all the tools that Sarah brought to my attention.  I will continue to discover the new tools for social media. Expending my thoughts and my ideas to accomplish my goals.


Measuring Tools for Social Media

26 Nov

Here we go again ,another assignment on business and how they get their name out to the public.

Measuring tools for social media it takes a great deal pride, watching how fast your name is growing out there. I will be talking about 3 different measuring tools for Social Media and how a business can be improved it’s Social Media outreach.

Everyone knows and has used Google sometime in there life. Google Analytics is a measuring tool by what it does for a business.  Google Analytics  can be very understanding  and Google gives detailed data on every page on a website, plus its free for everyone to have access to.  A bonus for Google Analytics is that it usually doesn’t have to be loaded.  Google Analytics is designed to let people know what’s going on their site. It shows how long people were there and what they looked at, even how they got to your site. A business needs to have this tool because well for the reasons I just pointed out, it will show what is the most popular on your site and what is not. Show’s how long they visited and where they came from.

If you’re a business and you  want to know how your business is getting noticed then this tool is called Klout. Klout wants you to come and see how you influence the world. Whether you create Facebook page or add a tweet on twitter, you are engaging with the world and where it gets shared. The number that is in the box on the right side, states how much you have influence on social media. Klout measures how much you influence people and how much they influence you.  Klout mission is to get everyone involved and influence people. Business want people to be a part of what they are doing.

PeerIndex is another tool that can help business be a success. PeerIndex measures the speed of the content that we use. when something is approved on the web and someone shares or comments on it i.e Facebook or Twitter update. It gauges a score on Twitter and Facebook and that’s how you can see how much you and you’re family and friends share content on the web.

Week #10 Extreme Promotional Materials

18 Nov

Here we go again talking about a business and about why media planning will be so good for it. Anyways lets give it a shot.  This time we were instructed on how to address a business called Extreme Promotional Materials. To talk about all of the stuff  that they do for everybody.


A Social Media Plan is good for all companies. Every companies wants to be on top , fresh out of the box to a million dollar empire. What about business who do good for the communities. Extreme Promotional Materials wants to get the people involved in what they are do. By getting involved , you will be able to have double in sales and improve your marketing.

Mission, Vision , Goal

What about business who do good for the community. Extreme Promotional Materials wants you to brand with them, putting your name with us. We want to get companies involved with us to show what Extreme Promotional can do. Brand t-shirts  and logos to team jerseys and pens.

Now a days everybody has a computer and online searching new ideas and wondering what’s out there waiting to be discovered. I want to set up an online shopping page where people come and check out and buy stuff.  Everybody loves when they can shop online and they don’t have to leave their home.  Showing pictures and products will help the viewers see what goes on. Wether its on Facebook or Twitter ,we should get it together and come up with a way to get the people talking about what Extreme Promotional Materials can do for businesses and for the community.

Key Message

Key message are what I want to say to the people that Extreme Promotional Materials can help with sports teams and what they can provided. Local Advertising we want you to side with us and help keep the sprit alive for everyone. Making kids days by having new jerseys for a baseball team or having a t-shirt made up for them with their name on it. Putting all are ideas and yours and combining them, making all the ideas possible and showing everyone what we can do together. We want to make it easier for our customers to get in touch with us. We want a good solid relationship with are customers.

Target Audiences

We want to reach the audience on a level that they understand and want to buy from. Extreme Promotional Materials provides for small business and for charities. To support local people and there needs that they can’t cover themselves. We need to make a statement that are audience is not just one type of people, we include everyone and we make it possible.

Social Media Tools

Wether its on Facebook or Twitter ,we should get it together and come up with a way to get the people talking about what Extreme Promotional Materials can do for businesses and for the community. Other tools that would be good is a blog for people to comment on and see what is being updated daily.  Getting feed back will minimum’s the mistakes. Having a page that explains what we would be doing and what we offer will gain confidence for the viewers.  Showing examples of  work that we did together will show what we can do. The tools that will be used by the viewers to get information on what we do. We will have someone to design and update it daily.

Social Media Engagement Strategy

For the Facebook part, having a page that shows what we can do and what we offer. Getting feedback is important for everyone. We need to know what we are doing wrong and how we can make it better.

Twitter is a another tool that we should set up, make it something that everyone will come and visit. By following the business and customers on twitter we can find who are already interested in our products. Get them to write a message on Twitter saying how their experience was and how to design their own ideas.

In conclusion a Social Media Plan is good for everyone to have in line. Planning for something that is being discovered is always a good start for anyone.  If we update with all of the idea’s and services that are offer then we will be even better then ever.

Brand Yourself

12 Nov

Everybody has different ways on pursuing there digial footprint. Some love to be in the spotlight ,  the more glam the better, hit the lights and let the party begin. Well others don’t put a lot of thought into creating the perfect footprint. Personally ,seem not that much impressed by what how people put stuff on Facebook or Twitter. I prefer to concentrate on what you post and how it looks if an future employer looks at it, if its nothing that you can answer to then you don’t want it out.

Some steps that will improve a digial footprint is going threw your pictures and what you say on Facebook or Twitter. Posting pictures from trips and friends are much better then posting you at a bar or your head in a toilet throwing up the whole night. It is a good idea to be desset about what you put on the internet. After college you will try to land a job in your field and it is a good  for you to think about what you want on  Facebook or Twitter. What can be left out and what will help look good enough that you will feel confident enough about.  Your employer will look at your Facebook and Twitter , if they see some pictures or postings that don’t look like they would want you representing their company, then you lost a job because of what was on the web. You want to start off on a good note not one that will start a war.

Google , Google, Google it can be  a wonderful tool to use but we all know that Google can have its moments. It’s important when you are looking for a job after college or during school, it is a good to Google yourself and see what comes up. Straight after school employers are looking for to come candidate to come and work for them.  Small business simply don’t have the time to look over everyone  on Google so if it’s not a first view pages or they like what’s on Facebook and Twitter then you will measure to the standards they have.  Checking Google even if it’s not for a job it is always good  thing to do is because there could be a picture of you there and it’s of you at the bar or drinking at work. Check the sites often and look and make sure that it’s you and not someone with the same name with a bad rep going on.

Professional writing on the web is unique to some people. Others on the other hand don’t mind if they say F**K or A*****e on the internet where everyone can see it and there is no taking it back once it’s out. Cleaning up what you say and how you said on line , i.e. Swearing  is just as bad on the internet as it is in person. Catching what you say before it get’s out of control, you can’t help it is a good thing. Joking around with you’re friends is fine but just remember that other people met see it and make sure that you can live up to what you say.  Writing can make people remember a childhood memory and maybe try something new, like snowboard or jump out of an airplane, “all right” maybe not that extreme but writng can have an impact on someone’s life. If all they see is bad words and immature pictures then people will stop looking up what makes them happy.

Facebook and Twitter and Linked Inn can’t say that it all has to be cleaned out. Sometimes that they can lead to amazing opportunities for you. Just make sure that when you put something on the internet ,make sure that its something that won’t hurt you in the end. Having fun on line is not a crime but you do have to watch what get’s put out there.

Back to the World of Business

5 Nov

How many blogs do we have to write about for business and how they use technology, well here’s another one to the list.  This week we were ask to find stories and how the topic could be related back as to how social media and technology is used in business. For Social Media Explorer  I chose to do a story by Kat French and it’s dated on October, 31, 2012 called Zen and the Art of Websites Converstation

What’s the most annoying thing when you come to a website? Clutter I would say is because  a cluttered website means that you aren’t series about what you are trying to tell the viewers, too many pages, unorganized, sloppy work, all of these’s aspect’s are what make a clutter website an unprofessional site. A cluttered site it makes difficult for the viewer to focus on what they are looking for.By having a finished website and it looks professional you are encouraging viewers to come and see. You want the viewers to feel welcomed and have a warm and safe feeling once they arrive at your site, you don’t want them to feel like they are going from one place to another and end getting more lost.

Divided-testing states that closing the door on clutter will markedly improve sales. Having easy access to checkouts and confidential for private information is what will help people to buy from you, rates will grow up and you will be busy. De-cluttering doesn’t mean that you rearrange the whole project, it just means that you have to decide what’s important and what you can leave out.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog or a website or even a business proposal you should keep the clutter to a bare mimimun. You don’t want a CEO looking at your work and establish that you can’t decide what’s important.

Once you get threw that speed bump then it’s cake from there, guess again.  We have all asked someone where something is” Where  is mt tooth brush” and its been right in front of us the whole time. Everything can’t be handed to you on a sliver platter you must put in the time and layout must be all the best it can be.  You can have it all , loads of pages , colour, pictures, widgets. If you try to place everything on one page it’s going to look like you threw it together in like 5 mins. It’s not your high school homework or a spare of the moment party. You have to cover very little detail to make it absolutely perfect and looks professional.  If this was you’re locker, where would you put you’re books ( At the very top of your locker). What could go on the bottom of the locker? The items that don’t need to be seen first, but still easy to navigated. Have some fun with the other pages, take someone on a magical ride and let them discover their inter creativity. I think that it is best that the term’s and conditions should be near the floor.

How do I think that this story and ideas have an impacted on business is because having a cluttered website won’t help with the business. People don’t want to see clutter everywhere they want clean and effective websites. Making sure that everything is on there and put in it’s place will help get sales and have people tell thier friends. Clutter  is a wastful thing so let’s keep clutter where is belongs in the trash.

My other story that I chose is called 5 Common Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid by Brie Weiler Reynolds, published on November, 3, 2012. This article is about what are some of the mistakes you  can make before going for an interview. This piece is about what not to do when you are preparing for an interview. 1 never forget the interviewer’s name, you don’t  want to look like fool when you enter for the interview. The interview has a sheet with all of your information on it’s easy for them to know your name but not there’s. You should know that what the name is of the person interviewing you, practise a sentence  with the person’s name in it and say it over and over till you get it.

If you are applying for a job and it isn’t in you’re area then before you go you should know where your going, especially since you have not been there before. Driving a long distance can be new and inexperienced, so you should give yourself lots of time to get there. Even making the trip days before the interview to know where your going. It looks unprofessional and disrespectful to the interviewer to have to keep them waiting.

Practise with a family member or a friend to some of the tough questions that met come up. Its good to have an idea of what type of questions will be asked and its good to know what to say and not to blank on it. By preparing and knowing what to say will help you look more professical and seem more vaulable to the

When the time comes for you  to hand your references over to the interviewers by not having any on you, it shows that you don’t really care about the job you are applying for. You don’t seem that interested and you dont want them to look at you’re references. The reason that they are asking is because they want to know what kind of a person that you are and what you could bring to the company, what do you have to offer and how would you make it better.

By the time the interview is coming to an end you should have gathered up some questions that you would like to ask? By asking questions they see that you are interested in learning about the company and what you will be doing if you get the job. They don’t want to see someone who just shows up to an interview and doesn’t really seem all the interested in the job. If  you have questions , ask them you need to know what will you’re responabilies be and know how you will handle a situation that comes up. Well thought out  questions and answer’s are showing tell that you are interested and would like to know more.

By knowing what you do wrong and  know how to fix them then you are off to a great start. Being preapared and know where your going and who’s going to be interviewing you. Then practise what you want to say to them and be prepared for some tough questions. Not every interview is the same, all of them are different and they desighed to understand you and what you bring to the table. The business world is tough and sometimes unforgiving so it’s a good idea to do your homework and be smart about what you say to people.

New Software

22 Oct

Here we are on blog number seven. This week we were talking about Wikis, Podcasting ,QR notes Pinertest ,Instagam etc. All of these’s tools that can help us with business and real life.  Having tools on are phones makes it a little bit easier then going home and turning on the computer and staring at a screen for hours and  hours at a time.  The two tools that I would choose would be Podcast and Google+. My reason for choosing Podcast and Google + is they are both tools that can help the business industry and personal life. There are many tools out there and they are all kind of the same and we each know a little bit about some of them and we trust the names that we have used for years or friends of ours have. They all have labels and titles and each time something new comes out they want it to be different then the rest of them. They each want to make a name for themselves, something  that is different from all of the other tools out there.

My reason for choosing podcast is that it’s easy to use, it lets you download video’s staright to your  computer or mobile device. Podcast is consisting of a occasional series of audio media, videos and , PDF. Communities that are small or large  to be capable to reach each other and communicate back and forth.  Sometimes the community can have a say on what is being podcast, they can upload vidoe’s and write on what’s is important and what they world should know about. Podcast is a good tool to use for business because you can have the community involved in the news and have them feel like they are a part of the news.  Its is good to know what is going on in the world, wether its by television or the internet , a video, radio, there is always a way to find out these’s things. Podcast wants  you to know what is going on and how they can get that information to you.

Google + is a tool that I use for my studies and keeping files that will that I can go back too and read them over and see of there is anything that I can do to make my project better or share suggestions about my classmates projects. The reason I chose Google +  is it is efficient to use for everybody, if you can use word, or any other program that you type your documents in then you can use Google +.  Google drive is a great tool to use for business, you can share documents with other co-workers and see what they have edited. You can stay connected with family and friends,  have your photo’s up there having all of these’s resources around can really help your business, having them on the go is even better.

Google + and Podcast are just one of the many tools out there for people to get in touch with.

Pet Pawsitive

14 Oct

Well here we are again another blog, this week  we were asked to write about a business called Pet Pawsitive. Now Pet Pawsitive may not be your every day pet store, its much more then that.  Its a mid-size business that only has 2 locations in Belleville and Kingston. Pet Pawsitve focuses’s on providing a good stable behavioural and psychological training for pet’s and their owners. Giving every animal the attention and the love that it needs is what Pet Pawsitive does. They only sell all-natural and holistic pet food so you know can trust it  and a selection of training supplies. Doing funrasiers and helping out in the community is a good way that Pet Pawsitive can promote thier business. Also  they could promote the business by building more campus around Ontatio, having only 2 locations in Ontario is a good start.

The kind of videos that I would like people to view are videos showing real people and their pets working with Pet Pawsitive’s trainers. Showing progress that they have made and seeing what they were like before they got training. Matering their progress and showing the owners what has been done and what they should do to keep the progress going. Bringing in pets that have been transformered into new pets and members of the family, demstrating what the animal did before they were brought in. Behind the scene videos are a good way to show the viewers what goes on behind the walls. Making sure that everything is in order and its not messy, that the building is well done and organzation. Even though Pet Pawsative does not sell animals, they work closely with the local and National Animal Shelters and Human Societies .To connect new pet owners that are interesting in adopting or buying a new pet where they can go to look at and get some info. I came to these’s descions by explaining what Pet Pawsitive does and how they help your pet and thier owners. If you are having trouble with your pet then  you should ask around and see what other people have done , if they were having trouble with thier pet.

The one specific kind of video that would work best for Pet Pawsitive’s business is a little bit of everything. Showing animals that they have worked with and show they do funrasiers and support the community. Having tours of the campus and showing everything that needs to be seen. When people are kept in the dark about certain things then they wonder what really goes on behind those walls. So by having tours and having videos on the internet people can see what Pet Pawsitive does and how  to give back to the people. Even though they don’t have  a big business, they still are loved by people and thier furry pets.