Cineplex Movies

23 Sep

Cineplex uses its blog by posting artclies about actors and actress and new releases of movies  coming soon. Its keeps us in the loop on whats the big news about celecbrates , they can tell whats ideas they have and whats movies they are going to be in. For example, Paul Rudd finds community after broardway, something has been gnawing at Paul and its that he wanted to try a new part, something that he wouldnt  normally go for. He more then got his wish, het got cast as Chrisitian in Grace.

I beileve that the cineplex is using their blog well, they let people now that what the stars are up too. Wether its getting arrested coming out of a hotel at 2:30 in the moring or finding out whats hot in fashion. They do have alot of info and it does seem to be well organized and put together so the readers can find what they are searching for. They want to get people to come and see whats going on and what new movies are coming out. Some readers want to brush up on there movie triva, so they take the quizzes and see how much they know about movies, actress and actors.

The posts that are posted on the website are bright coloured and the font is big so it grabs the readers attention. They always have a little something to say about an new movie to give the reader a description to take the time to look over and maybe go see it when it comes out. Updates are not uploaded often for keep people in the loop , they only update them when there are new movies out or big news about celebrates getting in trouble or having babys or getting married. They make sure that the world knows whats going on with the big stars.


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