Special K

30 Sep

For all the girls who want to lose weight but don’t want to change there life style too much or dont want spend all of their free time at the gym they turn to Special K products. Special K products are one of the cereals that are good for you,  they are much better for you then footloops or lucky charms.  Special K has different types of options that will fix to your personal needs, they have bars and cereals they come in all kinds of flavors. Girls are always dream of fitting into that perfect little red dress  and with the help of Special K that dream and become a reality. Working as hard as you do to lose weight  and keep it off but you knowing that you are going to have to give up some foods.. Why not be able to add some spice back and not feel gulity about cheating. Thats what Special K does for you its healthy and you can still have sweets.

Twitter page for Special K lets the followers know that Special K  does have people following them. They could  use there twitter account better , they dont have any favourite tweets. They dont seem to be using twitter as  well as they could. I feel its lakely something that could get them more followers and  tweets, even thought its has 7,479 followers and 536 tweets. They don’t have any lists or favourites, so i think thats something that should be work on.

Special K engages people to come and follow them and they want people to tweet them but they dont seem to update, its just there for people to comment on  and tweet and thats it. They have pictures of there products and the layout is nicely set up but they need to put up more info. It is a good to see that people are tweeting and following but it could be alot more effective for people to know what new ideas are coming out, have a contest to let the people decide what cereal should be created next. Even though there twitter page may not be up to date, the product that they send out is better. The cereal that they make is very healthy for you and its so delicious that they cant stop coming up with new flavors and ideas.


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