Lulu Lemon

8 Oct

Lulu lemon is like your favourite dessert ,you try it once and you are hooked. No matter how much it costs you will get it on way or another. Lululemon Athletica makes technical clothing for yoga, running, dancing and most other sweaty pursuits. You always feel like your doing the right thing after you enjoy them. Some people love just walking around in their sweat pants and an old  t-shirt and that is what lulu lemon sells t-shirts and yoga pants that are the most comforable gear that you will ever own . Even thought they are expensive they take pride in what they are offering for there costumers. People would wear them everyday of the year  ex “Wear them every holiday” says Emily Rines.

The facebook page I beileve grab’s people’s attention and they post statements everyday to keep people aware of what’s going on.  They have good picures of what the product is and how they are selling it, you can visit different place’s and see what stores have what on sale and you don’t have to go far to find all of this info out, you just go on the Lulu lemon website. Lulu Lemon want’s the costumers  to feel beauty and at peace when they work out and not feel like they can’t be beauitful in there own skin(,I’m technically an 18 and wear their 10s.  The sizes are pretty forgiving,”says Racheal Smith?) ,no matter what you look like or what they are doing. The kind of tone that I have been getting from Lulu Lemon is power and drive to achieve provection to reach your goals and feel like that you are on top of the world. When I see this page it looks like a pretty standard page for selling a product, and they want people to get involved and participate in what they have coming up.  Ex ( “Chicago Marathon”). I don’t see much difference from other companies that sell the same kinda product.

The main problem for most people with Lulu Lemon is that they are so expensive and people dont want to spend $110 dollars on a pair of work out pants no matter how good they are.  Some people have a hard time buying clothes that are so expensive  (“They do have really cute clothes and even though I can now fit into them, I have a really difficult time justifying a purchase  of 1 pair of work out pants for $110 bucks. I buy Old Navy works out clothes, wick…look great much cheaper.”) says Ren Green. Lulu lemon is about creating components for people to live long, heathly and fun lives.



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