Pet Pawsitive

14 Oct

Well here we are again another blog, this week  we were asked to write about a business called Pet Pawsitive. Now Pet Pawsitive may not be your every day pet store, its much more then that.  Its a mid-size business that only has 2 locations in Belleville and Kingston. Pet Pawsitve focuses’s on providing a good stable behavioural and psychological training for pet’s and their owners. Giving every animal the attention and the love that it needs is what Pet Pawsitive does. They only sell all-natural and holistic pet food so you know can trust it  and a selection of training supplies. Doing funrasiers and helping out in the community is a good way that Pet Pawsitive can promote thier business. Also  they could promote the business by building more campus around Ontatio, having only 2 locations in Ontario is a good start.

The kind of videos that I would like people to view are videos showing real people and their pets working with Pet Pawsitive’s trainers. Showing progress that they have made and seeing what they were like before they got training. Matering their progress and showing the owners what has been done and what they should do to keep the progress going. Bringing in pets that have been transformered into new pets and members of the family, demstrating what the animal did before they were brought in. Behind the scene videos are a good way to show the viewers what goes on behind the walls. Making sure that everything is in order and its not messy, that the building is well done and organzation. Even though Pet Pawsative does not sell animals, they work closely with the local and National Animal Shelters and Human Societies .To connect new pet owners that are interesting in adopting or buying a new pet where they can go to look at and get some info. I came to these’s descions by explaining what Pet Pawsitive does and how they help your pet and thier owners. If you are having trouble with your pet then  you should ask around and see what other people have done , if they were having trouble with thier pet.

The one specific kind of video that would work best for Pet Pawsitive’s business is a little bit of everything. Showing animals that they have worked with and show they do funrasiers and support the community. Having tours of the campus and showing everything that needs to be seen. When people are kept in the dark about certain things then they wonder what really goes on behind those walls. So by having tours and having videos on the internet people can see what Pet Pawsitive does and how  to give back to the people. Even though they don’t have  a big business, they still are loved by people and thier furry pets.

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