New Software

22 Oct

Here we are on blog number seven. This week we were talking about Wikis, Podcasting ,QR notes Pinertest ,Instagam etc. All of these’s tools that can help us with business and real life.  Having tools on are phones makes it a little bit easier then going home and turning on the computer and staring at a screen for hours and  hours at a time.  The two tools that I would choose would be Podcast and Google+. My reason for choosing Podcast and Google + is they are both tools that can help the business industry and personal life. There are many tools out there and they are all kind of the same and we each know a little bit about some of them and we trust the names that we have used for years or friends of ours have. They all have labels and titles and each time something new comes out they want it to be different then the rest of them. They each want to make a name for themselves, something  that is different from all of the other tools out there.

My reason for choosing podcast is that it’s easy to use, it lets you download video’s staright to your  computer or mobile device. Podcast is consisting of a occasional series of audio media, videos and , PDF. Communities that are small or large  to be capable to reach each other and communicate back and forth.  Sometimes the community can have a say on what is being podcast, they can upload vidoe’s and write on what’s is important and what they world should know about. Podcast is a good tool to use for business because you can have the community involved in the news and have them feel like they are a part of the news.  Its is good to know what is going on in the world, wether its by television or the internet , a video, radio, there is always a way to find out these’s things. Podcast wants  you to know what is going on and how they can get that information to you.

Google + is a tool that I use for my studies and keeping files that will that I can go back too and read them over and see of there is anything that I can do to make my project better or share suggestions about my classmates projects. The reason I chose Google +  is it is efficient to use for everybody, if you can use word, or any other program that you type your documents in then you can use Google +.  Google drive is a great tool to use for business, you can share documents with other co-workers and see what they have edited. You can stay connected with family and friends,  have your photo’s up there having all of these’s resources around can really help your business, having them on the go is even better.

Google + and Podcast are just one of the many tools out there for people to get in touch with.


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