Brand Yourself

12 Nov

Everybody has different ways on pursuing there digial footprint. Some love to be in the spotlight ,  the more glam the better, hit the lights and let the party begin. Well others don’t put a lot of thought into creating the perfect footprint. Personally ,seem not that much impressed by what how people put stuff on Facebook or Twitter. I prefer to concentrate on what you post and how it looks if an future employer looks at it, if its nothing that you can answer to then you don’t want it out.

Some steps that will improve a digial footprint is going threw your pictures and what you say on Facebook or Twitter. Posting pictures from trips and friends are much better then posting you at a bar or your head in a toilet throwing up the whole night. It is a good idea to be desset about what you put on the internet. After college you will try to land a job in your field and it is a good  for you to think about what you want on  Facebook or Twitter. What can be left out and what will help look good enough that you will feel confident enough about.  Your employer will look at your Facebook and Twitter , if they see some pictures or postings that don’t look like they would want you representing their company, then you lost a job because of what was on the web. You want to start off on a good note not one that will start a war.

Google , Google, Google it can be  a wonderful tool to use but we all know that Google can have its moments. It’s important when you are looking for a job after college or during school, it is a good to Google yourself and see what comes up. Straight after school employers are looking for to come candidate to come and work for them.  Small business simply don’t have the time to look over everyone  on Google so if it’s not a first view pages or they like what’s on Facebook and Twitter then you will measure to the standards they have.  Checking Google even if it’s not for a job it is always good  thing to do is because there could be a picture of you there and it’s of you at the bar or drinking at work. Check the sites often and look and make sure that it’s you and not someone with the same name with a bad rep going on.

Professional writing on the web is unique to some people. Others on the other hand don’t mind if they say F**K or A*****e on the internet where everyone can see it and there is no taking it back once it’s out. Cleaning up what you say and how you said on line , i.e. Swearing  is just as bad on the internet as it is in person. Catching what you say before it get’s out of control, you can’t help it is a good thing. Joking around with you’re friends is fine but just remember that other people met see it and make sure that you can live up to what you say.  Writing can make people remember a childhood memory and maybe try something new, like snowboard or jump out of an airplane, “all right” maybe not that extreme but writng can have an impact on someone’s life. If all they see is bad words and immature pictures then people will stop looking up what makes them happy.

Facebook and Twitter and Linked Inn can’t say that it all has to be cleaned out. Sometimes that they can lead to amazing opportunities for you. Just make sure that when you put something on the internet ,make sure that its something that won’t hurt you in the end. Having fun on line is not a crime but you do have to watch what get’s put out there.


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