Week #10 Extreme Promotional Materials

18 Nov

Here we go again talking about a business and about why media planning will be so good for it. Anyways lets give it a shot.  This time we were instructed on how to address a business called Extreme Promotional Materials. To talk about all of the stuff  that they do for everybody.


A Social Media Plan is good for all companies. Every companies wants to be on top , fresh out of the box to a million dollar empire. What about business who do good for the communities. Extreme Promotional Materials wants to get the people involved in what they are do. By getting involved , you will be able to have double in sales and improve your marketing.

Mission, Vision , Goal

What about business who do good for the community. Extreme Promotional Materials wants you to brand with them, putting your name with us. We want to get companies involved with us to show what Extreme Promotional can do. Brand t-shirts  and logos to team jerseys and pens.

Now a days everybody has a computer and online searching new ideas and wondering what’s out there waiting to be discovered. I want to set up an online shopping page where people come and check out and buy stuff.  Everybody loves when they can shop online and they don’t have to leave their home.  Showing pictures and products will help the viewers see what goes on. Wether its on Facebook or Twitter ,we should get it together and come up with a way to get the people talking about what Extreme Promotional Materials can do for businesses and for the community.

Key Message

Key message are what I want to say to the people that Extreme Promotional Materials can help with sports teams and what they can provided. Local Advertising we want you to side with us and help keep the sprit alive for everyone. Making kids days by having new jerseys for a baseball team or having a t-shirt made up for them with their name on it. Putting all are ideas and yours and combining them, making all the ideas possible and showing everyone what we can do together. We want to make it easier for our customers to get in touch with us. We want a good solid relationship with are customers.

Target Audiences

We want to reach the audience on a level that they understand and want to buy from. Extreme Promotional Materials provides for small business and for charities. To support local people and there needs that they can’t cover themselves. We need to make a statement that are audience is not just one type of people, we include everyone and we make it possible.

Social Media Tools

Wether its on Facebook or Twitter ,we should get it together and come up with a way to get the people talking about what Extreme Promotional Materials can do for businesses and for the community. Other tools that would be good is a blog for people to comment on and see what is being updated daily.  Getting feed back will minimum’s the mistakes. Having a page that explains what we would be doing and what we offer will gain confidence for the viewers.  Showing examples of  work that we did together will show what we can do. The tools that will be used by the viewers to get information on what we do. We will have someone to design and update it daily.

Social Media Engagement Strategy

For the Facebook part, having a page that shows what we can do and what we offer. Getting feedback is important for everyone. We need to know what we are doing wrong and how we can make it better.

Twitter is a another tool that we should set up, make it something that everyone will come and visit. By following the business and customers on twitter we can find who are already interested in our products. Get them to write a message on Twitter saying how their experience was and how to design their own ideas.

In conclusion a Social Media Plan is good for everyone to have in line. Planning for something that is being discovered is always a good start for anyone.  If we update with all of the idea’s and services that are offer then we will be even better then ever.


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