Measuring Tools for Social Media

26 Nov

Here we go again ,another assignment on business and how they get their name out to the public.

Measuring tools for social media it takes a great deal pride, watching how fast your name is growing out there. I will be talking about 3 different measuring tools for Social Media and how a business can be improved it’s Social Media outreach.

Everyone knows and has used Google sometime in there life. Google Analytics is a measuring tool by what it does for a business.  Google Analytics  can be very understanding  and Google gives detailed data on every page on a website, plus its free for everyone to have access to.  A bonus for Google Analytics is that it usually doesn’t have to be loaded.  Google Analytics is designed to let people know what’s going on their site. It shows how long people were there and what they looked at, even how they got to your site. A business needs to have this tool because well for the reasons I just pointed out, it will show what is the most popular on your site and what is not. Show’s how long they visited and where they came from.

If you’re a business and you  want to know how your business is getting noticed then this tool is called Klout. Klout wants you to come and see how you influence the world. Whether you create Facebook page or add a tweet on twitter, you are engaging with the world and where it gets shared. The number that is in the box on the right side, states how much you have influence on social media. Klout measures how much you influence people and how much they influence you.  Klout mission is to get everyone involved and influence people. Business want people to be a part of what they are doing.

PeerIndex is another tool that can help business be a success. PeerIndex measures the speed of the content that we use. when something is approved on the web and someone shares or comments on it i.e Facebook or Twitter update. It gauges a score on Twitter and Facebook and that’s how you can see how much you and you’re family and friends share content on the web.


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