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My final Blog

14 Dec

Well here we are everyone. The time has family come to an end to writing blogs.

My thougths of social media have changes since I started this course with my teacher Sarah. I didnt really pay much attention to what was out there, until I looked more at what I was putting out the and what people write on my facebook wall. My thougths have changed i am more aware of what i put on the internet.

My ideas and opinions have changed since the beginning of this semester. Taking Sarah’s class has helped me see that there is more out there then just facebook and twitter. Having the knowledge that I learned about Social Media this year can help in the future. I didnt know how much of an impact social media can have on someone. i.e. writing something about your boss who you have befriended on facebook , you may asking to get fired. It is a good habbit to know what all is out there. My brain has been challenged for social media.

What stood out to me the most during this course was all the social media tools that I didnt know about. i.e. Printest, chrome, all of the tools I was introduced to, will help me learn more about what is out there for Social media. I didn’t know all of these’s tools or what they could provided or do for a business. Now knowing all of theses tools I can use them to better apply myself. I never thought that they were so many of them out there.

The knowlege I will do is apply it to my career. Knowing about all of this tools will help make me more forward by knowing about all of theses tools. Moving forward is always a good thing to do in life. Taking what you have learned about using it to the best of your ability will make you a better person for a job.

I did enjoy learning about all the tools that Sarah brought to my attention.  I will continue to discover the new tools for social media. Expending my thoughts and my ideas to accomplish my goals.